The Dvorak Keyboard Layout

The dvorak keyboard is an alternative key layout invented by Dr. August Dvorak. The dvorak layout enables you to write faster, make less typing errors and it is better for the hands. The purpose of the normal qwerty layout was to slow typists down, because if they typed too fast, the typewriter would get jammed. But since then, (This layout was invented over 100 years ago!) the typewriters (they are more often callen "computers" now) have changed much. They do not contain any hammers anymore that could get stuck and you cannot type too fast for them. So why don't you switch to the dvorak layout now?

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I myself have been using the dvorak keyboard since May 2003, now, and I am very happy with it. It took me about three weeks to learn and, as many others also say, I do not want to switch back anymore, because dvorak is much more comfortable than qwerty.