Why Another Podcast Player?

There are quite a lot of media players for the openmoko platform but neither of them really had everything I wanted. Furthermore, a media player is actually nothing more than an mplayer frontend, so it is quite easy to write one.
The key usage assumptions for this media player are:

  • it must be finger-friendly
  • it is mainly used for listening to podcasts
  • the audio files are downloaded by a separate program
  • audio files can be deleted using the player
  • audio files are short (some minutes) and are normally deleted after listening
  • the player can be paused, skipped forward and backwards and so on

Download and Installation


Just install the ipk and perhaps put your preferred podcast directory into the file /usr/share/applications/podcat.desktop (replace "/home/root/" in the line "Exec=/usr/bin/podcat /home/root/").

Changes in Version 2.0

  • scrollbar shows position in file and allows to directly change position
  • less buttons (more space for filenames) but same functionality (replaced by scrollbar)
  • stabler mplayer interface
  • sorted filenames / ID3 tags