PyTomboy - Tomboy Note Viewer

What Is It?

PyTomboy displays Tomboy notes on the FreeRunner. It is programmed in python and uses GTK. Notes cannot be changed but they can be searched (simply use the keyboard and start typing, the list of notes will get smaller).


Since this is only a note viewer, you have to copy some notes (*.note-files) from the ~/.tomboy/ directory on your desktop computer to your FreeRunner's ~/.tomboy/ directory. You can of course also copy the whole directory. After starting PyTomboy you will get a list of all notes sorted by change time and selecting one of them will view it. If you open the keyboard (in terminal mode) and type something, only the notes containing this word will be listed. To get all notes again, press backspace often enough or simply escape.


Download notes automatically.
Make links in notes active.


You can download an .ipk package that runs at least in FSO:
pytomboy_0.1_armv4t.ipk (14 KB)
The sources can be obtained from the file /usr/bin/ in that archive.