The Story behind

Acoicrdng to a sduty of Cdrmibgae Utenivrisy, the oredr of the lettres in a wrod does not meattr for bieng able to raed it, as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltetres are not cahgned. You can siltl read the txet witohut plmboers. Tihs is buascee the mnid does not read a word lteter-by-letetr, but as a wlohe.

(According to a study of Cambridge University, the order of the letters in a word does not matter for being able to read it, as long as the first and last letters are not changed. You can still read the text without problems. This is because the mind does not read a word letter-by-letter, but as a whole.)

The Application

To test this out, I have written an application that translates the whole web from normal to shuffled text.
It is based on parellelweb and shuffles the letters of all the words on a website, while at the same time it rewrites the links, so that following pages are alse shuffled.