Susi - the talking bot

Who Is She?

Susi is talking robot, also known as chatterbot. The prototype of such a program was ELIZA.
Susi is different in that it is taught nothing by its creator. All things she knows, she learns from the people she talks to. She also has no language-parsing logic at all. So she is very simple and you can teach her any language and any topic you want.

The program is freely distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License

Talk To Her!

Talk to Susi, but please don't say any rude things to her, and only talk english. Perhaps I will add language-specific databases in the future.
Remember that she will reuse the words you said to her, so don't tell her copyrighted or illegal things.
And try to ask her questions (best not about her, but general ones), so she will ask them to the other users who will in turn answer them.


susi.tar.gz (3.6 kB)
Susi is written in Python and consists of one library module that contains the logic ( and one interface module ( that does the communication with the web-server and can be replaced.